How Should People Use Punch’d Energy?

If I was an athlete, how I would use Punch’d. It depends on what I'm doing for the day. If it's my recovery day, I probably won't use it at all. But if it's my performance day or high training day, I would definitely use it before I start training so that I have the energy and the power boost. And then if I'm competing, I will definitely use it before my competition. Depending on the type of athlete I am or depending on the type of training that I'm doing. If it's a higher volume, then I will take a little bit at the start, maybe I need a little bit more to keep me going, I'll take a little bit more in the middle, and I'll use it that way.

Certainly if I’m flying, most professional athletes fly. I would use it when I land, to get over jet lag, for instance. I will use it if I get there during the day, I would use a little bit of gummies. Again, play with it, see how much caffeine you need to give you the mental clarity and the focus. When you feel the afternoon dip, you want to take a little bit more just to get you over that afternoon dip so that you fall asleep at night. Oftentimes it takes one or two days, so the next morning, you may wake up super early, but your body's still not used to it. Then by the time nine 9-10 o'clock in the morning comes at a local time you're feeling a dip. I would use the gummies there, again, to help me get over the dip and get through the day and nighttime. So I can fall asleep and help your body adjust with jetlag. So, as an athlete that's how I could do it.