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Why is Microdosing Important?

Why is Microdosing Important?
Why is Microdosing Important?

Microdosing caffeine is a huge advantage. Here's what I mean, microdosing means taking small (micro) doses throughout the time. That way you're not taking a whole chunk, and then you have to deal with all the after effects. So it's a bit like anything else in life, you just need a little bit of this, I take a little bit of this. If I am cooking and I need a little bit of salt, I put a little bit of salt. You never see a chef just dump a bunch of salt in a dish and then go, “oh, it’s too salty, why did I do that?”. They titrate it. They put a little bit in at a time, let's see the effect. That's microdosing.

Caffeine is difficult to microdose because most times you're drinking a cup of coffee. You feel a bit of an energy dip and you go, I’m going to get a cup of coffee and you drink the whole thing. That's 100 milligrams usually, well maybe you don't need 100 milligrams. There are people who are very sensitive to caffeine. If they drank a whole cup of coffee, they won't sleep at night. They go, I just want a little bit of coffee. Well, now, with the (Punch’d) gummies, each gummy is 10 milligrams of caffeine. So you can play around with it and go, You know what, let me take 10mg, let me take 10mg more, let me take 10mg more. Then figure out what dose you need. I figured out for myself that taking three gummies, which is 30 milligrams, gives me enough alertness, enough energy, enough focus for about 45 minutes to an hour. If I need more, then I can pepper in a little bit more. Or, maybe I'm going for a long haul drive and I said you know what I want to stay focused for two hours, well I'll take a whole bag, which is 10 (gummies), which is 100 milligrams. That's called titrating. That's a medical word for drip feeding exactly what you need. Then you can time it. You can say, you know what, I want a little bit here and I'm going to wait, but when I feel a dip I am going to take a little bit more here. Rather than taking a full thing in one go and not having a choice. So 10 milligram gummies, gives you the ability to titrate, to time and gives you a lot of flexibility on how you use caffeine for a focus and for energy and for performance.

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