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Can Athletes Use Punch'd to Improve Performance?

Can Athletes Use Punch'd to Improve Performance?
Can Athletes Use Punch’d to Improve Performance?

If you're an athlete that uses caffeine, you're used to using caffeine, you normally consume that in the form of an espresso or coffee or something before competing. Then I would suggest trying something like Punch’d Gummies, (natural) caffeinated gummies, because you're getting the caffeine, without the liquid.

You can titrate it. You may not need an espresso, it's 100 milligrams of caffeine. Let's say you only wanted 50 milligrams, so that you can switch off afterwards. It’s difficult to do that with espresso. With a (Punch’d) caffeinated gummy that has 10 milligrams of (Natural) caffeine. You know if I take 3, I'm getting 30 milligrams of caffeine. You can use that to play around and just know what the effect is. I feel great. This effect is too much, this effect is not enough. You can play around with it that way.

Now, if you're an athlete who has never used caffeine. Then, using (Punch’d) caffeinated gummies, is a way to introduce (Natural) caffeine. Which is a huge ergogenic aid. Meaning is an aid that athletes use to create power. Okay, so if you don't want to miss out on that, you can start introducing caffeine in the form of (Punch’d) gummies. You don't have the taste of coffee that a lot of people are not a fan of. But now you can introduce the caffeine in the form of a (fruity) gummy, that tastes nice. You can titrate the dose. You can use (1 gummie) 10mg, okay you know what, how do I feel on that? Did I get the shakes, no I didn’t. Let's go (2 gummies) 20mg. Let’s go (3 gummies) 30mg. 50 milligrams too much for me, you can absolutely play around with it. This is for me the one product that I see doing this better than anything else.

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