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Punch'd Energy - Dr. Ara

Do You Use Punch'd in your Medical Practice?

Do You Use Punch'd in your Medical Practice?
Do you use Punch’d in your Medical Practice?

How do I use (Punch’d) gummies for my hospital work?

Usually when I go to work, it's a 6am shift in the emergency room, which is a 5am alarm clock. So what I've started doing is, I use maybe 5 to 6 gummies on my drive to work. That way I am not drinking a ton of water or drinking a coffee that's hot that I don't necessarily want to drink at that time in the morning. And so it's already in my system that kind of helped me wake up a little bit, give me a bit of energy boost. Normally I'm asleep till about 7am o'clock. So at 5am, I am waking up. It's a bit of a shock to me. So to get energized at that time, which is unusual for me to be awake. I use (Punch’d) caffeine (gummies). Then when I get done around 3-4pm o'clock. it's an early start, so normally, the energy will dip. At that dip, I now realize like 4 Punch’d caffeinated gummies is perfect for me, it lifts me up just enough. Then usually around 6:30-7pm o'clock, I will play tennis. At that point, I will consume another 5 Gummies. Because if I drank a cup of coffee, it might linger around too long. But five gummies is just enough to get me over, an hour and a half of intense tennis. Then it's out of my system and I can go to bed completely fine. So that's how I've been using Punch’d gummies for my work and my life in general.

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