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How do You Maintain Energy?

How do You Maintain Energy?
How to Maintain Energy?

Then we come to the question, how do I maintain my energy level? We have this natural dip throughout the day. How do we maintain that?

There are a few things that are really, really important. Make sure your breathwork, if you have shallow breaths, you don't have energy. So one of the things that as soon as you notice a dip, take full big breaths. And if you get into a practice of taking full big breaths, even five to six breaths, on a timer, when you're doing something important, that is so important. Look at any athlete, and you watch, they will work on their breathwork. Tennis players as they get tired will work on their breathwork. Runners, marathon runners will work on their breathwork to maintain their energy.

Then you come to nutrition and hydration. If you are dehydrated, if you are 1% to 2% dehydrated, which in reality you won't even know you are 1% to 2% dehydrated. That is like a 10% drop in performance, athletic performance, whether it's physical or mental. So staying hydrated is super important.

When it comes to nutrition, you want to keep things that don't spike your blood sugar, because when your blood sugar spikes, and you release insulin, it comes right down. When it comes down, you will dip your energy levels. So you want to keep things that keep your blood sugar under control. And it's very, very important not to over eat.

When you eat a ton, even if it's not high in sugar, the calories itself will cause you to release insulin which will cause you to drop your blood sugar. It's a paradox.

Then finally we come to, can we take anything extra? So this is where things like one of the oldest substances used is caffeine. Using Punch’d Gummy for instance. It has (Natural) caffeine, people use coffee to get caffeine, people use tea to get caffeine. There are certain herbs that have a little bit of caffeine effect on the body.

Punch’d is a gummy that has (Natural) caffeine in it. Using Punch’d to avoid a dip, or to predict like you know, I'm going to have a very, very important period here when I need to focus, and have plenty of energy, be totally engaged. Then taking a supplement, right before then, when you've done all the other things, is how Punch’s comes into place. How I use caffeine.

Then there are the things, there are certain mushroom extracts that provide you with energy. Some people use vitamin B12, even something like nuts that are rich in B12, can give you a bit of a “pick me up”.

So that's how I use all of those things. Really important breathwork, hydrate, keep your blood sugar under control and then supplement accordingly.

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