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Why is Energy so Crucial?

Why is Energy so Crucial?
Why is Energy So Crucial?

Why is energy critical for life and performance?

If you look at all ancient practices, take the word Qi (Chi) for example in Chinese medicine. It described the flow of energy, and life and energy are synonymous. So they think about, you know your everyday devices. Your phone when it runs out of charge, runs out of energy. It doesn't work. The whole body, our entire system, biological system requires us to have energy. Whether that energy is to pump blood, energy to detoxify, energy to think, to see, to feel, all our senses, our emotions. They all run on energy. Energy, it's one of those nebulous concepts, energy is contagious. We've all been around people that when you walk into a room, you talk to someone you feel good. Then we also have people who we call energy vampires, and you talk to them and they drain your energy. So managing your energy, more so than managing your time, is absolutely essential to living a vibrant healthy life.

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