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Has Punch'd Improved your Daily Life?

I found a new best friend in Punch'd. Punch'd Gummies which is loaded with caffeine. It's in my travel bag, my work bag, it's in my tennis bag. Not just for the caffeine, I like it for a...

Is Caffeine Bad?

Caffeine, Good or Bad? There is a lot of positive things that come from coffee. Coffee has caffeine and polyphenols and has been shown to have positive effect on the aging brain.

How Should People Use Punch'd?

It depends on what I am doing for the day. If its my performance or high training day. I would definitely use it before I start training so I have the energy and the power boost.

Why is Microdosing Important?

Microdosing Caffeine offers a huge advantage. Microdosing means taking small doses throughout the time. That way you're not taking a whole chunk and then you have to deal with the after effects.

Can Punch'd Improve Concentration?

Caffeine is one of the most studied ergogenic aids and supplements on the planet. Whether its for energy, mental clarity, or focus. It binds to receptors in the brain that help you become more alert.